Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ten Totally Imaginative Outdoor Wedding Ideas

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding, but you’re not so sure about what you can do to:

a) Make Your Guests More Comfortable
b) Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable

Tentickle Stretch Tents, an international Tents Manufacturing and Supplier, has years of experience in the wedding industry and have been exposed to some of the most creative wedding ideas around. Ideas that they were  only too happy to share! So in no particular order here are 10 Totally Imaginative Outdoor Wedding Ideas:

1. Provide pillows with any outdoor seating

Most outdoor seats are manufactured using wrought iron or wood, both of which can get extremely uncomfortable very quickly when wedding guests are sitting on them. To help alleviate the problem simply provide pillows for your guests to sit on. Not only are they comfortable, but they also add a nice decorative touch.

2. Warn your guests about appropriate footwear

High heels and grass are not a great combination. So if you are having an outdoor wedding be sure to remind the female guests before the time what to expect. Alternatively you can also provide the ladies with heel covers as a wedding favour upon arrival.

3. Give sunglasses as wedding favours

The bright African sunshine can play havoc on people's eyes during summer, so if you’d like to ensure that nobody misses out on what happens on your big day, why not offer sunglasses as a wedding favour? Not only are they a fun gift to give your guests, but they also can be used to add to a specific “look” if your wedding day is themed in any way.

4. Put your wedding program on a fan

Another great idea for a hot summer's day wedding, simply add the wedding program to a hand held fan. This not only looks good, but is also extremely practical and should be a hit with everybody who is feeling the heat outdoors.

5. Supply everyone with a pair of flip-flops for dancing

We all know how hot and uncomfortable our feet can get at an outdoor wedding, so why not offer a low cost pair of flip-flops to each of your guests as a wedding favour. You never know, they might even help everybody relax just that little bit more and get the party started.

6. Provide wet towelettes and cooling face mist

A quick and cost effective way to ensure that your guests stay cool, calm and collected. If you have the budget they can even be branded with your initials.

7. Throw blankets and quilts over bales of hay to create seating

This will save money while the bright colours created by the blankets and the rustic appeal of the hay itself will add to the outdoor appeal of the wedding.

8. Provide blankets/wraps if it’s going to be cold or breezy

These can be used to help people get more comfortable on a cooler day and can even be embroidered with your initials so that people will remember your special day if you chooses to give them out as a wedding favour.

9. Wrap a tree or two with lights and photos to highlight each family

Here you can literally create a family tree showing the history and background of both of the bride and groom’s families.

10. Use Stretch Fabric Wedding Tents to enhance the splendour of the wedding

Stretch Marquee Tents can be hired to not only create shade or cover, but to also help enhance the look and feel of an outdoor wedding. They can be set up almost anywhere and offer a smooth natural background to the day’s event that will not be intrusive or interrupt the natural beauty of the surroundings.

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