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Wedding Marquees – How to Use the Space

Your marquee gives you a rectangular room to fill with everything you need for your wedding day. But how do you use the space? As your marquee supplier, we can help you choose the best option for your day, but it is worth having a think about what you want your marquee to do for you.
1. Different Zones in your Marquee
Marquees can be divided into different areas to enable you to congregate people together for a ceremony, receptions drinks, dining and later dancing.
To create a physical barrier we can install a dividing curtain, these are a really practical solution if you want to section off an area of the marquee. This might be to hold a ceremony and then the curtain is raised once you are ready to dine or to hide the dance floor/band area which you don’t want on show until the evening. We can also use a dividing curtain if we need to reduce the size of the marquee during the afternoon prior to more guests arriving in the evening.
Below is an example of a wedding marquee layout with an image of the real thing underneath!

We can also add a marquee onto the side of the main structure; again this often has clear roofs and is referred to as a ‘bubble’ and is usually used as a reception area. Brides and Grooms sometimes want this extra space if they are concerned about providing shelter if the weather isn’t tip top for pre-dining drinks and then later it can be used as the bar area.
To create a visual division we can use clear roofs to create a different feel to an area. The clear roofs are often used over dance floors or for reception/bar areas (as above).However, if you are feeling creative then how about something decorative to separate areas by using topiary, potted plants or hanging decorations. The wedding marquee below used potted olive and lavender plants to separate the bar and dining areas.

2. Table Layouts
Have a think about what style of tables you would like to use and whether you want a top table or not. Round tables enable guests to be able to chat easily and usually seat 8 or 10 people.

Alternatively you can use trestle tables singularly or have longer rows for banquet style dining.
Photo Credit: Freckle Photography
3. Party Time
Decide if you are going to have a band or DJ or manage music yourself with speakers and an ipod. if you are having a band then we need to allow some space behind the dance floor for them to set up. Staging is great as it makes the band more visible, but it isn’t always necessary if you need to keep costs down. Of course you will want space to party, so a dance floor is a must – we can give guidance on the size to make sure that you have enough room for your family and friends to dance the night away.

4. Bars and Extra Tables
Space will usually be needed for a bar area so make an allowance and think about whether you want your bar nearer the dance floor or away from the hubbub. Also you may require extra tables for buffets, cakes, presents etc.
Photo Credit: Helen Lisk Photography
5. Chill Out Area
If you want to let your guests, relax, chat and chill out for a while then a little space set aside for a couple of sofas and coffee tables away from the band and the party goers can be a good idea. it can be a good spot for more elderly family and friends to congregate, so they are still part of the celebrations but not in the thick of the action! To incorporate additional space like this will require a bit of planning to ensure that your marquee is big enough.
Photo Credit: Staple Photography
6. Games and Photo Booths
Photo Booths are a popular addition to weddings and come in all shapes and sizes. think about where you want to position your booth to capture lots of great photos of your guests – don’t tuck it out of the way too much. If you have several children to entertain why not give them a selection of toys/activities to do – giant games like Jenga/Connect Four can be a fun addition for the kids and they don’t take up too much room or can be played outside.

So whatever your ideas for your special day, have a think about how you want to use the space. Contact a reputable marquee hire company in your area such as Hatch Marquee Hire or Tentickle Stretch Tents UK, if you are looking for marquee hire, UK specifically.
Article source: http://www.southwestmarqueehire.co.uk/wedding-marquees-how-to-use-the-space/

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