Friday, 4 May 2018

Why stretch tents are a must

The Bedouin-inspired look of tents has ensured that they have a truly unique and memorable look to them. They literally have helped to banish the boxy special events marquees of the past and are available in almost any shape, size or color that you can think of.
One of the first things that anyone notices is the wide selection of different sized stretch structures that offered by stretch tent manufacturers. This is because Tentickle Stretch Fabric Tents are easy to join together to create a covered space of unlimited size. All these tented spaces are waterproof, fire retardant and immune to almost all types of weather the elements can throw at it.
All of stretch tent structures can be custom-branded to bring your product or company branding to life. This will help raise the awareness of what it is you offer, but it will also allow you to do it with style and comfort, showing confidence in your company.
All are able to be used on a variety of different ground types, be it a flat field, a terraced garden, a steep hillside or even inside an existing permanent structure. Furthermore, the look of the tent can be altered at a whim as there is the option to leave the sides up to let in more light and fresh air in summer, or to keep the sides down in winter for a warmer atmosphere.
Not only do stretch tents look the part, but they are also made from some of the most advanced tent fabric in the world. They are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and include fire retardant features to ensure you and your guest’s comfort and safety at all time.
Stretch tents are affordable, luxurious and most of all stylish unlike any other, stretch tents for hire, by stretch tent manufacturers, like Tentickle Stretch Tents, is your roof over your event.
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