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10 reasons to say YES to a marquee wedding!

Can’t decide between a Hotel, Country House or a Marquee? Here are our top 10 reasons why having a Marquee makes a perfect venue for your special day.

1. You can choose your own location and venue.

Do you have your own land, a large garden or know a neighbour with a field, then your halfway there. All we need to set up a marquee is a bit of space. Many people choose an area with a gorgeous view or a space that has a sentimental feeling.

If you don’t have this, there are lots of venues that will let you just use the outdoor space rather than having the whole package.

2. You can decide on what type of Marquee you have.

If you go with a venue, they may limit you to specific areas and rooms. We have many different types of marquees to choose from to make your day unique. Whether you want the traditional vintage style with swooping drapes and tall poles or you want to be a bit quirky with a collection of Kata Tipi’s, choosing a marquee wedding the options are endless.

3. You can invite as many or as little guests as you want.

Marquee hire Dublin should offer many different sizes and are easy to expand if your guest list grows. You can have your main marquee with smaller rooms attached. This is great to have your bar separate or to create a chill-out area for your guests to relax. If you are having lots of children on your big day you could also add on their own fun area.

4. Take advantage of the countryside and views.

Frame Marquees are perfect for overseeing the views while you enjoy your wedding breakfast and evening do. With the option to have the whole of one end of your marquee fitted with clear windows and even a panoramic roof, this is a great unique idea especially for a summer wedding to enjoy the evening skies.

5. You can decide on your theme and decorations.

The best thing about having a marquee wedding is that it is a blank canvas and you can add your own flair and designs. Whether you choose to have a large banquet with rustic trestle tables or a sophisticated friendly meal with large round tables, you can decide on your own layout. Interior wedding decorations and accessories for marquees are endless, from led spotlights and twinkling ceilings to vibrant bunting and florals.

6. Budget

With a Tentickle Stretch Tents marquee wedding, you can set and work to your own budget. There is a lot of flexibility as you can choose your own caterers, florist, decorations etc. Some larger venues may expect you to use their own recommended suppliers which can work out a little pricey.
7. Stages and Dance Floors

With a marquee, you can choose where your entertainment will be. It can be in the centre or at one end of your chosen marquee or you may want to have a separate “party” tent. We can provide stages and different sized dance floors depending on the number of guests.

8. Catering and Bars

The beauty of having a marquee for your wedding is that you can choose your own caterers. Whether you bring in a company or you have a great aunt that has offered to do your food we can supply a catering tent along with refrigerated trailers to suit all of your needs.

With a marquee you can also create your own bar area, with different types of bars and furniture to choose from there is always something to suit the theme.

9. No Curfews

If you choose to have a marquee wedding on your own land there are no end of the night limits, last orders or bedtime curfews. You can choose how long you party away for.
10. Hassle-Free

Most importantly, choosing to hire a marquee for your wedding is hassle-free. We carry out free site visits to get a feel for what we have to work with, then we take it from there. The marquee hire team put up your marquee in plenty of time before your event giving you enough time for your caterers and florist etc. to get settled in.

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