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It’s More Than Just a Tent

It’s More Than Just a TentThere are so many functions and events that are stepping up their game and using the different spaces in such a great way that it creates a magic and enchanting feeling to the event. There are so many ways that one could...
There are so many functions and events that are stepping up their game and using the different spaces in such a great way that it creates a magic and enchanting feeling to the event. There are so many ways that one could utilise their stretch tents and the structures around them. However, not everyone has the right understanding of how to use their stretch tent as more than just a structure. When in fact, when it comes to festivals, weddings, parties and everything else, there is more to do than just have some light, a few places to sit and music to listen to.
Getting the Value for Your Event
A stretch tent should be used to create a feeling of awe, and not just a temporary roof. Your event and your attendees deserve the extras that take it from a braai, to a life time’s memory. By having the best accessories and décor for your event with the tent, you’re able to bring that to your guests. It will be great to have some resemblance of a floor that will protect the ground that it rests on, as well as the guests. Having more luxurious seating arrangements allows everyone to feel comfortable as opposed to breaking and dirty plastic chairs.
What You Could Have at your Event
Thankfully there are means of weather protection that work well in stretch tents. There are mist spraying fans or mushroom heaters. There are various means of creating a suitable floor, that will complement the feeling and the look of the event and that are high hell safe. There are various ways of seating everyone, it could be with picnic benches or it could be with comfy couches or on a bar stool. Don’t forget that if you want a red carpet with velvet rope, that you actually can have a red carpet with velvet rope.
Hire a Stretch Tent Today
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Stretch tents – also known as Bedouin tents, free-style tents and Aladdin tents – are the ideal covering solutions for a variety of outdoor events. If you’ve been to a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary bash hosted outdoors in the past few years, you’ll have more than likely sat under a stretch tent. This article takes a look at the three main components of most stretch tents, as well as how the tent itself is manufactured to keep all underneath it protected from the elements…

The Covering

The main component of a stretch tent is the actual fabric covering the specific area. The materials used are treated with waterproofing and, often, antimicrobial finishes. For events including open flames in some form placed under the stretch tent, coverings featuring flame-retardant finishes can be deployed.
The most important characteristic of the stretch tent covering is retractability. Because these materials are, well, stretched – they need to be able to return to their natural state once the tent is taken down. Most stretch tent coverings form bubbles on the surface after being stretched and retracted a few times, but good quality fabric can completely recover after each function.

The Support

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have thought about a tortoise when looking at a domed stretch tent. This appearance is caused by the pointed protrusions along the covering’s surface. These humps are where support poles, usually steel or wood, are placed to prop up the tent. Smaller stretch tents can get away with one single support pole in the centre, but larger, sprawling stretch tents will require more support.

The Tension

Like dome tents that use criss-crossing arched rods to create enough tension to hold the structure up, stretch tents use tension – in conjunction with support poles – to keep the tent off of the ground. Ropes are attached to all four corners of the covering, and along the edges for larger tents, which are then attached to tent pegs. These are hammered into the ground, after which the support poles are placed as and where needed to lift and hold the tent up.

Stretch Tent Fabric in South Africa

Reliable manufacturers of stretch tents, like Tentickle Stretch Tents, use the strongest, most versatile stretch fabrics on the planet!

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5 Great Themes For Your Next Outdoor Event

Stretch tents provide a lovely blank canvas for planning almost any sort of outdoor party. From black-tie formality to casual fun, your options are limited only by your imagination. With so many possibilities, it can be tough to decide where to begin. Choosing a theme can help guide all of your decisions, from chairs to glassware to food. Here are a few theme ideas to get you started.

1. Prohibition Evening

The UK never had full prohibition in the same way as the United States, but the temperance movement did put a damper on our drinking culture in the 1910s and 1920s. We watched with amusement as America’s “noble experiment” quickly gave way to speakeasies and organised crime. Soaked in alcohol and romanticism, the term “Prohibition” now conjures up images of dapper mobsters, glamorous women, and more than a little illicit excitement.
To add intrigue and elegance to your evening party, why not give it a Prohibition theme? Muted red lighting, a wooden bar, classic cocktails, and even a secret password can turn your marquee into a backyard speakeasy. For extra fun, suggest that your guests wear pinstriped suits and flapper dresses and adopt mob-sounding nicknames for the night.

2. Tea Party

To enhance an afternoon soiree, why not adopt a noble tradition from the Brits? A garden tea party is an elegant, semi-formal event that is perfect for all ages. Your marquee provides much-needed shade, while small, round tables allow your guests to chat. If the weather is nice, the party will naturally spill out of the marquee onto the surrounding grounds, so be sure to choose a picturesque setting. White furnishings, including tables and chairs, add an air of distinguished restraint. Provide ambient lighting in the form of twinkling white lights. Serve tea sandwiches and small pastries, several types of English tea, and perhaps a high-quality champagne.

3. Diner Night

If you are looking for a casual theme with a hip, modern twist, why not consider a diner night? Serve upscale gourmet burgers and homemade French fries, along with a hearty salad or two. Choose diner-style furnishings such as colourful booths or chairs, and select neon or neon-look lighting fixtures. Play a 1950s music mix and provide plenty of space for dancing.

4. Dessert Party

Dessert parties have become extremely popular in the United States, and are starting to catch on here in Australia. Yet with so much rich, decadent food on offer, it becomes all too easy for your guests to leave feeling sick rather than fulfilled. The key to a successful dessert party is balance.
Marry heavy, dense desserts such as cakes and custards with light, fruity pastries. Choose flavour notes that complement each other. Cut rich, chocolate desserts with fruit or floral notes. Serve small, bite-sized portions attractively arranged on trays.
Furnishings for a dessert party can be as formal or as casual as you please. Create an elegant evening with subdued lighting and soft music, or create a high-energy dance party to help your guests burn the calories.

5. American-Style Hoedown

While the stereotype of Americans as big truck-loving, country-music listening, gun-toting boors is not exactly accurate, it is true that the hoedown is a distinctly American custom. To create your own hoedown, decorate your marquee and surrounding grounds in early American farm style. Hay bales, pitchforks, tractors, and trucks all make excellent backdrop decor items.
Choose long tables with bench seating and very casual place settings. Lighting options include lanterns and torches, but be careful not to set your marquee on fire! Plan to serve a casual barbecue meal, complete with your favourite grilled dishes.
Play country music and leave plenty of room for square dancing and line dancing. These social dances are easy to learn online and encourage all guests to participate, so take a bit of time to learn how to call them. Ask your guests to dress very casually in jeans or loose skirts with cowboy boots.
For extra fun, incorporate a bit of the American Wild West. Consider renting a few costumes and setting up a photo booth, providing a jail set where guests can “lock up” their loved ones for a few minutes, or creating a cactus ring toss game.
When planning your wedding or special event, why not choose a stretch tents company with exceptional experience? Contact Tentickle International next time you want to wow with your event.

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Your Wedding Marquee Hire Checklist

Hiring a marquee provides a touch of elegance for any wedding. Whether you envision an elegant, classic garden party or a sleek and contemporary ultra-modern wedding, a wedding marquee allows you to turn an expanse of grass into the perfect venue. Yet hiring a marquee for your wedding can be a bit frightening, as it means mounting the entire event from the ground up. This checklist will help ensure that you don’t forget any important details.

Weather Contingencies

The marquee itself helps to protect your wedding from both sunshine and rain. However, you might plan to use areas outside of the marquee for different activities throughout the day, possibly including the wedding ceremony itself. Decide exactly where and how every bit of the event will be staged, and consider hiring some smaller marquees or easily-erected tents to cover those areas if needed. In addition, you might need to provide heating or cooling. One or more portable heaters or fans can help your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Food and Beverage Service

One of your earliest decisions should be the food and beverage service you have in mind. Will you provide an open or cash bar? Do you plan to have the wedding catered? Will you serve appetisers and finger foods, a full plated meal, or a buffet? These decisions will help guide you through hiring the necessary set-up for food and beverage service.
For example, if you want fresh, hot food, you will need to provide kitchen space, either in your own home kitchen or in a separate marquee. Your bartender will need counter space to pour and serve, as well as easily-accessed bottle storage. You will also need to hire the appropriate glassware, plates, and other items for the menu you have in mind.

Seating Requirements

If you serve a plated meal, you will need tables and chairs that provide plenty of space for guests to comfortably dine. For a buffet-style meal or appetisers, you could probably do with fewer tables. For a cocktail party-style service that will not last too long, you might be able to do away with chairs altogether. Keep in mind, however, that if the wedding itself will take place at the venue, people generally expect to be seated for the ceremony.

Stage or Performance Space

If you plan to hire a DJ or live band, you must provide some sort of performance space. Speak with your musicians as early as possible to determine what they expect you to provide and how much room they need. Hiring a stage ensures better visibility for all your guests, but might not be necessary depending on the size of the wedding and the layout you choose for chairs and tables.

Backstage Areas

In an open venue, it is up to you to find places to hide the things that normally occur behind the scenes. Think about where you will place your lighting and sound boards, store packaging and other materials, and provide a break area for your service providers. Some couples are comfortable with these things taking place more or less out in the open, while others choose to hire a small service tent, provide space in their homes, or develop other creative solutions.

Toilet Facilities

Sooner or later, your guests will need to use the toilets. If your wedding is at home, the easiest option is to allow guests to use your private facilities, but this is often impractical for larger events. Portable toilets are available in all manner of styles and decor, from basic festival toilets to more posh models. Decide which toilets you prefer early in the planning process so that you can incorporate them into your design.

Power Needs

Hiring a generator is usually the best way to provide power for a marquee wedding. Check with all your providers, including the musicians and caterers, to find out how much power they require. If you are unsure, keep in mind that it is always better to provide too much power than not enough.

Furnishings and Décor

Think about the wedding traditions that you want to uphold, and hire the furnishings that are needed. For example, you might want a small table for the guest book and a larger one to hold wedding gifts. Will you have an emcee and, if so, does he or she require a podium? Think through each portion of the event to ensure that you have the furnishings you require.
Decor items such as flowers and candles transform the open marquee into an intimate, elegant space that is ideally suited to your wedding. Choose items that enhance your theme, fit into your selected colour scheme, and are suitable for outdoor use.
Although this is a lot to think about, taking it step by step will ensure that nothing is forgotten. Our specialised wedding team will help you develop your customised package, and are happy to put you in contact with wedding professionals from caterers to event planners to further enhance your special day.
When planning your wedding or special event, why not choose a wedding marquee hire service with a personal touch? Tentickle International has the experience and expertise to help you choose the right marquee for hire for the event of your dreams.

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Stretch tents, the ultimate function tent

Planning an event can be stressful, but so much less stressful if you have a reliable venue that can get guests relaxed, helps people to mingle and turn on the charm for something fun. Stretch tents create a spectacular atmosphere for weddings, parties, corporate events, and exhibitions. You too can pull off an event which everyone will enjoy with the use of a stretch tent.

Why use a stretch tent for your next function?

  • Stretch tents are UV and water resistant. The slightest rain won’t spoil your function.
  • These tents are strong and durable.
  • Stretch tents are flexible and versatile.
  • Offers fast set-up time and are visually appealing.

Bridal parties, if you have been dreaming of a summer wedding, then we have stretch tents
that will inspire you to conceptualise the ultimate wedding. These stunning tents will make for a fairytale wedding where guests can take in the beauty of the night sky and dance the night away in the splendour of summer.

Choose stretch tents instead of a marquee, here’s why…

  • Stretch tents can be shaped any way you want
  • A marquee is freestanding, unlike a stretch tents that can be attached to an existing structure, trees or even a wall.
  • Due to the versatility, options are aplenty.
  • Folding up a stretch tent is far easier than folding up a marquee. When it has been folded away, you can transport it with no hassle.

If you’ve been inspired to create memorable events with stretch tents, Australia’s reliable, efficient and expert Tentickle International Stretch Tents can help you do just that! Tentickle International Stretch Tents have a range of stretch tents for hire in Australia to suit your event needs.

Planning an Outdoor Wedding in the UK

If you are considering a wedding between May and September and love the idea of getting married with the sun shining down on your celebration, you must be aware of the UK rules and regulations associated with an outdoor wedding before you commit to booking a venue. This article has been designed as a guide, to help you plan a perfect wedding ceremony with an outdoor theme.

The Rules and Regulations of Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies in the UK

It may be okay to get married wherever your heart desires if you’re in the United States, but here in the UK the rules on celebrating your wedding outdoors are quite different. According to the Buckinghamshire County Council, “All the legal requirements of a ceremony must be held within a permanent, immovable structure, with a fixed roof and solid floor. This needs to be large enough to accommodate the couple, two Registrars, both witnesses and a table large enough to prepare the paperwork.” Wedding guests, however, are able to witness your wedding from a garden or outdoor set up.

How to Celebrate an Outdoor Wedding in the UK

If you plan on celebrating a civil wedding ceremony at a licensed wedding venue, you can replicate the al fresco feeling by setting up an aisle with chairs either side of it leading up to two chairs and a table set up inside a licensed room or structure. If you’ve chosen to get married at a licensed wedding venue or hotel, they may advise that the doors are opened out on to the grounds or gardens and that the couple can sit facing forward with their guests sat outside, behind them.
Alternatively, a wedding venue may choose to ‘license’ specific structures around the grounds, such as a wooden pergola, a stone structure or an historic feature at the venue. If your chosen wedding venue has an official licence granted on an external structure (featuring a fixed roof and solid floor as mentioned above), then a truly outdoor wedding is possible.

Top Tip: It’s down to the discretion of the registrar marrying you on the day as to whether or not the temperature is suitable for you to go ahead with your pre-planned outdoor wedding ceremony set up. If the temperature is not deemed warm enough then you may need to forego your original plan and bring everyone inside.

Celebrating an Outdoor Ceremony

There are ways to celebrate your marriage without having to legally get married under a licenced structure in front of your guests. This would be known as a celebrant ceremony. The couple would legally need to marry at a licensed venue such as a registry office, but are then free to celebrate their marriage with friends and family anywhere they like in a more casual setting.  

5 Things to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

  • Ensure your venue has a wet-weather back up plan in place, just in case.
  • If you think your guests may get too hot during your ceremony, perhaps ask to have electric fans set up in appropriate spots where possible. Alternatively, you could have a basket of hand-held fans available for guests to pick up as they arrive at your venue and parasols for more elderly guests.
  • If you are inviting a large number of guests to your outdoor wedding, they may not be able to hear you over the natural noise created by being outside. Consider speaking to your venue about hiring a microphone if they recommend it for your guest numbers or set up, and if amplified music is permitted outside.
  • You may not want to scatter petals down the aisle or have any decorative items that might blow away if the wind picks up. Candles are particularly challenging!
  • Older guests may become thirsty if the weather is very hot or muggy. Having jugs and glasses of water at the ready could be a good idea.
  • Consider using stretch tents for weddings in the UK - as it allows adequate shading, and airflow throughout. It also looks magical having a wedding in a stretch tent. Tip - find stretch tents, UK and around, at Tentickle International Stretch Tents.

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La tente de réception est l’une des solutions idéales pour dîner dehors lors de vos réceptions (mariage, anniversaire, départ en retraite...) De nombreux professionnels proposent désormais de vous louer une tente ou un chapiteau de réception pour votre mariage ou fête d’anniversaire. Malgré tout, ce choix n’est pas forcément le plus économique et ne correspond pas forcément à vos envies et à vos besoins sur le long terme…


Les aléas et les incertitudes de la météo rendent presque impossible de prévoir de dîner dehors sans tente même en plein été, et vous ne souhaitez pas gâcher cette fête que vous organisez depuis des mois…
Les professionnels de la réception proposent aujourd’hui un large choix de chapiteaux pro et de tentes de festivités en location.
Cela présente bien sûr de nombreux avantages de louer ce matériel : montage et démontage assurés par des professionnels et pas de problème pour entreposer le matériel une fois la fête terminée.
Mais est-ce réellement économique ?
En effet, cela impose de louer une tente de réception à chaque fois que vous organiserez un événement. Alors pourquoi ne pas vous tourner vers les sites experts en décoration et en aménagement de votre extérieur et utiliser un service de vente de tentes de réception ?


De nombreux magasins spécialisés dans l’aménagement et la décoration extérieure vendent de nombreux modèles de tentes de réception. Inspirés des modèles des spécialistes des chapiteaux pro, ces tentes, inspirées du savoir-faire des professionnels, sont très robustes et sont un très bon investissement.
Leur durée de vie est de plus en plus longue et elles supportent des montages et des démontages périodiques. Vous vous en resservirez donc à chaque événement de votre vie et de celle de votre famille.
Facile d’utilisation, elles se démontent entièrement en très peu de temps, facilitant ainsi leur stockage. Il existe forcement le modèle de tente de réception correspondant exactement à vos besoins. Les gammes sont de plus en plus grandes et vous trouverez un large choix de taille et de coloris et ce sans jamais négliger la qualité.


Il existe donc de nombreux modèles et il est nécessaire de faire le bon choix. Choisissez une tente de réception facile à monter. Il existe, par exemple, des modèles sans visserie ce qui facilite leur montage : les tubes et les connexions s'assemblent directement en très peu de temps. La structure de votre chapiteau de réception doit être solide et résistante et la densité de sa toile doit résister au vent et à la pluie. La structure du toit doit être renforcée avec des barres de toit et des renforts d'angle.

Réfléchissez également bien à l’usage que vous en ferez et aux nombres de personnes que votre famille et vos amis comptent. La taille de votre tente est primordiale dans l’organisation de votre réception : nombre de table pliante, piste de danse ou non, taille des buffets…
Ensuite tout n’est qu’une question de goûts … Coloris, formes de la tente, décoration intérieure… Certaines tentes de réception offrent même des toits translucides, pour profiter du ciel étoilé… Alors n’hésitez plus !